Welcome to our site! This is our homepage, which is what most visitors will see when they come to our site for the first time.  We will have the Auction part of the site configured in a matter of days.  Thank you for your support!  Our 50th year Class Reunion will be on October 6th and 7th 2017 !!  Woohoo! Be sure to go to http://www.wrhs67.com to register and to get more information.

I know this is our Auction site…but if you’d just like to make a donation to help out you can do that here also.  Just click the “Donate” button right below.  Thanks !!



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Auction Section

This area is where all of the auctions will be posted.  In the very near future that is. This is going to get exciting very quickly, I believe!  You can see items in the auction by clicking on the Auction Section tab of the Menu above.

You WILL need to be registered and validated in order to bid in the auctions.

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100% of the money generated from the auctions and “donate” buttons will go directly to the Will Rogers Class of ’67. This is to help offset some of the cost(s) involved with throwing down a “Party Weekend” environment that a 50th Reunion of (old and new) friends from out of our distant past, would require.  We sincerely hope to see ALL of you, but we realize that could only happen in a perfect world. I for one, would truly like to live there.  No doubt I will one of these days. Register over at the Will Rogers ’67 web site to let us know you are planning to attend. Thank you for visiting here with us!

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Three Square Clear Glass Plates

Here’s three square clear glass “Cheese and Cracker” plates measure 6 ½”. From the Depression era. They have a cup holder molded into one corner. These also were found in detergent boxes. 681 Policy generated by WPLegalPages.

Notice !

From time to time I (we) will post a summary of content here that is from other sources most directly associated to the Class of ’67 sites.  This will be brought in from the Class of ’67 site as well as interesting things from Facebook.

Enjoy! — Earl

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